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Hello! I return, with a question! Help a newbie?

*brushes off dust*

Oops.  I’ve had two other jobs since the last time I posted.  Now, while I intend to post about them and fix my terrible mistake, I would first like to put a question to whoever was and might still be reading this.

My situation:

1. Rather than telling you to go and read the previous posts, the brief version is that It Didn’t Go Well.  And now, two other teaching jobs Haven’t Gone Brilliantly.

2. That’s three jobs and three… let’s call them missteps.

3. One, maybe two of them can be blamed on the school, but the third is definitely mostly me.

  And here’s my reaction:

I know lots of people do a CELTA and then happily run off into the sunset and do great with it.  I’ve accepted that I am not one of those people – partly because I’m not a big traveller and partly because I think I’d prefer the stability of a “proper” school (I currently work at an after-school institute, and even that’s better) – and I need either more training or just better support.

Obviously, even job advertisements that promise great support won’t necessarily deliver on it, so that’s probably not my best shot.  Which leads me to:

PGCE/School Direct: Yay or nay?

Given that a PGCE is only 6 months or a year, I’m not entirely against it.  However, the idea of  School Direct, basically a paid job while learning rather than going as far as going back to being a student, appeals to me more.

The question being, is it as good as it sounds? Would I be better off just going back to university?  I feel like teaching is something I could like, if I could get it right, and if I started over now doing a full teaching degree I’d still only (“only”) be 29/30 when I graduate.

Door A, B or C

So there’s (A), a PGCE, preferably via School Direct.

There’s (B), start over properly and actually get a teaching degree.  On the one hand, PGCEs seem to be asked for more, but on the other it would be an entire course of training.  I’m not the biggest advocate of going to university, but at least I do actually feel qualified for the journalism/writing jobs I apply for.

Or there’s (C); accept that three jobs and three missteps means that maybe teaching just isn’t for me and look at other options.  Which is something I’m already doing.  I really should have more direction by now.

So? Is there anyone out there who’s been through this or is more knowledgeable and can help me out? 🙂