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One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock… what??

So in today’s “Russian is fun” discovery, we learned about telling time. The teacher started by saying “oh no, it’s not as hard as the English way”… and then describes the Russian way. Which is a million times harder.

I’m sorry, but no language needs three different words for “o’clock” and three different words for “minute.” That’s just evil. (I know, I know English also sometimes likes to have several words for the same thing, but only when necessary. I’m fairly sure our different words to suggest “and” are more different than ещё and тоже.)

The good news is that finding things difficult means this class isn’t a total waste of money, since I am actually learning something new. The bad news is that it’s never any fun to find something hard – though it’s always made better if you’re struggling with other nice people.

Off to go read my notes a few more times and figure this out!