It’s all over when the fat lady sings

I survived! Don’t worry, the lack of posting was an over-tired issue, not anything horrible.

So.  The last eight weeks.  The plan for a new teacher to come in and take over and for me to sit and watch didn’t exactly happen: he came, he taught… and for five weeks out of eight, I taught too.  Yes, I could have just had three weeks off, why couldn’t they have seen it that way?

What did I teach?

The first week was two kids.  They said it’d be one, and I kept my mouth shut just in case it was a mistake and they’d change their minds if they knew it was two.  That went pretty well, they were great kids… aside from them spotting my computer and really (really) wanting to play on it.  I compromised by insisting they do work before we used it, and took advantage by making them watch English shows.  Hey, as long as it’s English, right?

Then after a week off, I had another two for two weeks.  Which was supposed to be one 10 year old beginner, but turned into one 10 and one 50 year old beginner.  The latter being the former’s grandmother, who started in the intermediate class, found it too hard and so stood up and walked out.  Without even telling the other teacher.  Ha.

It went well, I think.  At least by that point I’d had some experience of low beginners, so I had more of an idea how to deal with it.  Lessons were actually lessons, especially once the grandmother joined us, and I think they learned something… hopefully.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t know how primary school teachers do it.  One week we had a public holiday, which meant the other four days had to be five hours instead of four.  Those five hours, with little to no break, were exhausting.  The rewarding kind of exhausting though, so there is that.

The final word

Thus ends my foray into the world of teaching.  All in all? A good experience, and I got a taste of teaching as well as minding, which is all good.

I just wish it had been a little better organised.  Admittedly, it was the school’s first year and there will be some rough edges, but when you’re new you want to be the only one who doesn’t know what you’re doing.  Between the surprises, the changing things around, the replacement – rather, the replacement that wasn’t, which made it even worse – and the getting paid issue, it was also an experience in a job that didn’t go perfectly.   Also good, but also not ideal.

The getting paid issue? In a three month job, I got paid promptly at the end of the first month and then not again until after asking for it after the third month.  Supposedly no one got paid the second month, if that’s actually true, but that’s not exactly good either, and no fun when I wanted it to be my first job where I got paid regularly.

When I finally did get something, it seemed rather low… we’d never properly agreed on how much “less” I’d be getting, but it didn’t seem much for what I did.  Add to that the fact that the person who could have confirmed what I did was on holiday, and I possibly did get not enough.

I could have complained about what I got, but to be honest I just wanted to put it behind me, and it was the minimum I was expecting.  Easier to be happy that I got something and look forward than worry about the past.

Which means back to the grind of trying to find something else.  Unless I’ve inspired anyone out there into hiring me? No? Oh.


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