Week on, week off

As the Karate Kid would say.  Sort of.

My teaching of one kid was actually teaching of two kids.  I’m not sure if the mistake was that they thought it was only one or that he’d said one and should have said two.  Regardless, I didn’t say anything just in case the reaction would have been “what?! Stop immediately!”

They like me! They really really like me!

I think it went well, not that Mr Watcher or anyone came to see.  Feedback-wise they seemed to love me, so hopefully that got through to them.  And I know it’s immature, but it was nice hearing them like me and hearing them talk about how horrible the other teacher was in comparison.

Not that you can assume all kids are alike, but I think I learned how to deal with them: blackmail and going with the flow:

“Just do oooone more little bit of work and we’ll have a break/use the computer,” not “WORK!”.   

“Okay, let’s talk instead,” not “we’re going to do this and this and this and this and I’m not changing the plan.”

And besides, as long as they’re playing in English, watching English videos or listening to English music, it’s okay, right?

And now this week I’m back to watching instead.  At least this week, from seeing feedback, students seem to really like him.  So regardless of what Mr Watcher thinks, he’s a good person to watch and try and get some tips off of and I’ll be making sure I start taking advantage of it properly.

And now for something completely different

In other news, there was an email the other day from one of my classmates on the CELTA course, talking about wanting to complain to the exam board about unfair marking.

Personally, I’m fairly sure I deserved my PASS, so I probably won’t get involved.  The lowest grade – I’ve always been an average student who’s just gotten lucky with passing things.  It also means “passable, but needs guidance,” and well, see what’s happened here.  No guidance led to enough complaints I got demoted.

Generally, he probably has a point.  There are only three grades to get (not counting failing), but they’d have to have pretty wide boundaries for all 16(!) of us to do equally badly and get the exact same (bad) grade.   It does seem strange.


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